Recruiting for your Virtual Chapter

If you don't already have one, you'll need to get a list of all alumnae in your target group from National Headquarters. Write Megan Houghton, Alumnae Coordinator, or fill out and submit Form A86 Geographic Directory Request (note on the form you'd like initiates of your home chapter - give greek letter name and school).

Create a Steering Committee - a core group of alumnae who want to be involved members of your new chapter. This can be big or small - ours was around 10 women of different ages, locations, and majors.

The goals of the Steering Committee

- create a mission statement (the purposes section of your bylaws)

- set dues, officers needed to accomplish goals in the mission statement

- set up a private website

- recruit other members

- find lost sisters

petition National Headquarters for official recognition as an alumnae chapter.