Sexual Assault Awareness

Sexual assault unfortunately often goes hand-in-hand with domestic violence. To better educate ourselves on domestic violence and to protect ourselves, our friends, sisters, and families here are some important things to know about sexual assault.



        One in four female college students reported they had been the victims of attempted or completed rapes; 80% were victimized by boyfriends, friends or acquaintances.

        Women ages 16 to 24 experience rape at rates four times higher than the assault rate of all women

        There is no boundary for who might be raped. Almost 18%, or 17.7 million women, in the United States have been victims of rape or attempted rape sometime in their lives.


        Being Date Smart

  • Don't use alcohol or drugs which can impair your ability to make smart decisions, lower your inhibitions, and render you unconscious, making it easy for someone to force you into a harmful situation. If you're going to drink, enlist the buddy system and NEVER leave your drink unattended.
  • Be aware. If someone's drunk, aggressive, touching, or pinching you and won't stop, DON'T wind up alone with him.
  • If you're in a relationship, it's time to get out when:

    He doesn't listen, talks over you, ignores you. He doesn't respect you and might not listen when you say "NO."

    He shows hostile feelings or has a demeaning attitude toward women.

    He does what he wants, regardless of your opinions. If he always has to be in control, deciding where you go, what you wear and who you see, he may take control when it comes to sex - regardless of what you want.

    He acts overly possessive or jealous, all signs of a bad temper, which can lead to violence.

    Getting Involved

        To find a Sexual Assault Awareness Month (typically April) event in your area 

Decide to End Sexual Violence – Build Healthy, Respectful Relationships