Alpha Chi Omega's Virtual Alumnae Chapters

This list is complete as of July 11, 2010.

Mu Tau Mu, Zeta Upsilon alumnae - Case Western Reserve University. Installed September 24, 2004 on Zeta Upsilon's 21st anniversary. More information or

Mu Omega Mu, Zeta Omega alumnae - Western Carolina University. 

Nu Rho Nu, Theta Omicron alumnae - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For more information

Nu Tau Nu, Gamma Lambda alumnae - Kent State University. Installed June 3, 2006 at the Zeta Upsilon chapter house at Case Western Reserve. More information or

Nu Psi Nu, Psi alumnae - University of Oklahoma.

Nu Omega Nu, Alpha alumnae - DePauw University. Installed April 15, 2007 at the Alpha chapter house. 

Xi Pi Xi, Epsilon Eta alumnae and friends, Stephen F. Austin University, was installed on November 10, 2007.  The installation took place during Epsilon Eta's 40th anniversary celebration weekend. 

Xi Rho Xi, Zeta Kappa alumnae - New Mexico State University.

Xi Sigma Xi, the Alpha Chi Omega Heritage Network. Installed July 14, 2008 at Alpha Chi Omega's 55th National Convention. More information

Xi Upsilon Xi, Iota Omega alumnae - Carthage College.

Xi Chi Xi, Tau alumnae - Brenau University

Xi Psi Xi, Gamma Chi alumnae - Stetson University. Installed March 21, 2010 at the Gamma Chi chapter house.

Xi Omega Xi, Beta Eta alumnae - Florida State University. Installed July 11, 2010 at Alpha Chi Omega's 56th National Convention.

Omicron Pi Omicron, Delta Chi alumnae - William Woods University. Installed July 11, 2010 at Alpha Chi Omega's 56th National Convention. 

Omicron Sigma Omicron, Theta Lambda alumnae - Clemson University.

Omicron Upsilon Omicron, Delta Zeta alumnae - Central Michigan University.

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