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Alumna Profile: Laura Fox Kuntz

AXO Founders @ 25th Anniversary: Laura, Melissa, Ingrid & Mary

Name: Laura Kuntz

Graduation Year and program: 1985, dual B.A.s in Communication Sciences and Psychology

Involvement with Alpha Chi Omega:

Currently, Laura is a member of Gamma Omicron Gamma (GOG) - the alumnae chapter on the east side of Cleveland.  One of the highlights of the year is helping out at the annual Ronald McDonald breakfast, where Laura's daughter joins her! She also enjoys all the other get-togethers with the rest of the ZU alums, and even some of the advisors when she was at Case.

"When I first moved back to Cleveland, I was really excited to see how the chapter had grown (I couldn’t wait to see the house!) and served on the house corp. committee and then as Chapter Advisor. It was amazing to see the chapter from the alum side of things- talk about a perspective shift!  The one thing that didn’t change was the quality of women AXO attracts.  It was really gratifying to me to see the chapter still had wonderful intelligent, fun girls.  Before moving to Cleveland, I was active in the NYC alum group and served as the Panhel representative.  It was great to meet women from other sororities and it was really interesting to serve on the Panhel scholarship committee. I strongly encourage any AXOs planning on attending graduate school to look into Panhel scholarships that may be available."

Highlights of your AXO and campus experience:  

Since Laura was the first president of the chapter, she cannot remember Case without remembering becoming and being an AXO. She remembers all the moments from becoming a colony to receiving the charter, and then the installation as a chapter. From there came all the memories from Greek Week (back when beer was still widely used in the contest names) and the first fundraiser as a chapter. Laura was also involved in the greater Greek community at Case and played intramural volleyball where she still remembers the one time she broke her ankle in 3 places.

Professional Career After College:

After leaving CWRU, Laura moved back to New York City where she attended graduate school, at NYU and Columbia University.  She decided, however, to change her professional focus from speech pathology to audiology, and went on to finish her Masters in Boston.  There she worked as an audiologist in a private practice until she moved back with her husband to NY for his work. There, Laura still kept quite busy, running the family business and learning the commercial real estate business by the seat of her pants!  After a couple of years, they moved back to Cleveland and started their family, and now have two children, Alex (14) and Elizabeth (11).  

Advice for Current Alpha Chi’s:

"First off, enjoy your time in college.   It’s such a special time in your life and while you have so many milestones to look forward to, the relationships you develop with your AX sisters will hold a unique spot in your heart.  Also, keep your AX ties after college.  Investigate alum groups- not only do they provide a source of friendship in a new place (or even an old one!), they can be an excellent resource for professional contacts (I learned that in NYC)."

The Future (goals and/or passions):

Right now, Laura's focus is on being an active participant in the autism community.  Her son, Alex, was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Laura has been trying to gather support to start a school in Greater Cleveland for kids who are at the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. Laura knows several AXOs who have been personally affected by having an autistic child and she encourages everyone to support organizations doing research and providing support to families (such as Autism Speaks). Aside from this, Laura has also done some freelance writing and hopes to continue this and in the future start her own business. It seems there is a lot more to come!!

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