What is an Alpha Chi Omega Virtual Chapter? 

Until 2004, all Alpha Chi Omega alumnae chapters were geographical; that is, they were based in a certain location and all their activities took place locally. 

Virtual chapters share many of the same goals as geographical alumnae chapters, but they conduct their business long-distance, and primarily using the internet. Meetings are held in chat rooms, or by conference call. They set their own mission and then seek to fulfill it creatively, whether it's long-distance support of a collegiate chapter, promoting domestic violence awareness, or participating in philanthropy projects.  Virtual chapters are encouraged to think beyond the traditional construct and to create new ways to connect with sisters.

There are two types of virtual alumnae chapters:

1. Collegiate chapter based groups consist of the alumnae and friends of a particular collegiate chapter.

2. Affinity groups cross both geographical and collegiate-affiliation boundaries and focus on a common mission. For example, Xi Sigma Xi, the Heritage Network, promotes and preserves the heritage and history of Alpha Chi Omega. 

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