MTM Executive Board


President: Amy

Joined AXO in 1985
Lives in Tallahassee, FL
Favorite AXO memories: serenading, always being the first ones dancing (Club I, Adelbert Gym, the Spot), firesides!!
Best thing about being an alum: getting to know collegians!


Treasurer: Lisa
Joined AXO in 1990
Lives in Boise, ID
Favorite AXO memory: You Done Goods, Certainly NOT Greek Week talent show -- Pillow People, what a disaster!
Best thing about being an alum: All the Alpha Chis I have met, Not going to weekly chapter (now that I am not a chapter advisor!)





Collegiate Liaison: Jen                                                                                                                                         

Joined AXO in 2002
Lives in Chicago, IL
Favorite AXO memory: Living in the house!                                                                                                                                           Best thing about being an alum: Continuing to see the chapter grown and meeting Alpha Chi's from other chapters.

karen.JPGPhilanthropy Chair & Fundraising Chair: Karen
Joined AXO in 1998
Lives in Clermont, FL
Favorite AXO memories: My favorite memories all come from living in the house my senior year and being completely immersed in AXO. Getting to teach the new members and getting to be a big sis.
Best thing about being an alum: No term papers?!?!  No, seriously, getting a chance to meet and work with all these outstanding women that I didn't know as a collegian.  It's like going to a family reunion and meeting your extended family....

jen.jpgBook Club Chair: Jen
Joined AXO in 1991
Lives in Oak Park, MI
Favorite AXO memory: being able to participate with my sisters during the Greek Week events and the Biker Bash senior year.
Best thing about being an alum: to help those in college to understand what is waiting for them in the real world and the challenges to deal with as a woman engineer.

heather.jpgPR Guru & Newsletter Editor: Heather
Joined AXO in 1993
Lives in Chicago, IL
Favorite AXO memory: from college... building a Mardi Gras float and banners for the homecoming parade and yelling/singing AXO cheers the entire parade. or the hundreds of times we all ended up in the second floor hallway at night just chatting about life in general or the latest crises one of the sisters was having. from post college... roadtrip last winter to Rozan's bachelorette party. Who knew that after so many years it would seem as if no time had passed at all between sisters/friends?
Best thing about being an alum: getting to help out other AXOs collegiates and alums ie sending cookies, etc.