MTM History - Cliff Notes Version

We as Zeta Upsilon alums are so fortunate to enjoy
    a history of closeness
    a history of hosting successful reunionsMTM Installation 2004
MTM Installation 2004

    the ability to think creatively
    and a love of technology
and because we were just about as organized as a traditional (location-based) alum chapter, we began a conversation with the staff at National Headquarters in May 2004 about the possibility of creating a new kind of alum group. A few weeks later we were given the OK to explore the idea more fully - to develop a steering committee and a mission statement. In mid-June the news was even better! National asked us to petition to become a regular alum chapter.

In July 2004, we wrote our first bylaws and invited all ZU alums to join with us in this pioneering endeavor. We submitted our Petition with 33 members on July 27, 2005. National Council met August 13-14, 2005 and approved our request. It was very exciting!!! We were installed September 26, 2005 at the ZU chapter house. Not everyone could attend, of course, because our members live all over the US (and now the world).

Our official installation date is September 24, 2004, Zeta Upsilon chapter's 21st Anniversary - we thought it would be fun to share a founding date!

We've had a busy and exciting first year as an alumnae chapter! We have 63 members, an 8 member Executive Board, and are really enjoying working together. You can read about what we do by clicking any of the items on the Our Mission list on the left.