Supporting Each Other

    In Times of Need
    "Sisterhood is not only about celebrating the good stuff but also supporting each other in times of bad stuff." - Nikki

        When a sister is ill or otherwise suffering, we spread the word and encourage everyone to send her notes, cards, flowers, prayers, encouraging emails, care packages, etc. We keep everyone posted on how she is doing and celebrate her recovery.

       When a major storm - tornado, hurricane, flood - hits, we check in with all the ZU sisters who live in the vicinity effected to make sure they are OK and still have a place to live.

    In Graduate School
       Something like 70% of Case graduates go on to complete advanced degrees. That doesn't make it easy so we match grad students with MTM members who can encourage them as they make their way through school.

    In Good Times
       And it is wonderful to be there for the joyful times - to welcome new babies, celebrate marriages, applaud promotions and new jobs and graduations. We post news and photos of all these happy occasions and more on our private site.

    Our Newest Alums
       We welcome recent graduates with an e-book filled with resources to help with the transition from undergrad to the rest of their lives. We also invite them individually to our private website and introduce them to the rest of the alums by posting their photos, biographies and future plans.

    Staying in Touch
       Of course none of this would be possible without mechanisms for staying in touch. Our primary tool is our private website. On it we post a full alumnae directory and periodically request information on the few ZU alums who are lost. That website and this one are paid for with MTM dues but are open to all Zeta Upsilon alums regardless of whether they join or not.

If you need a user name and password for the private site, please use the "email us" button on the left.