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Virtual philanthropy project for June 23, 2009

This week we're trying something new! We’d like to know how Alpha Chi Omega sisters and friends feel about a short film designed to raise awareness about domestic violence. Less than a month after its release, British television banned it for being "too shocking."

Here’s what to do:

First, go to http://bit.ly/13wSir, watch the video, vote in the poll, and comment.

Second, spread the word about the project!

a. On twitter, post a message like this:

Video campaign too shocking for domestic violence awareness? Help us decide http://bit.ly/13wSir #axo #charitytuesday

b. On facebook, post the link (http://bit.ly/13wSir) to your profile.

c. Via email, send a link to this post (http://www.axomtm.org/journal) and ask your friends to participate... or just copy and paste the whole post into your email!

Have other ideas for spreading the word? Please comment below! THANK YOU!

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