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Best Doctors in Cleveland

Cleveland Magazine's March 2012 Best Doctors in Cleveland issue features two of our CWRU Alpha Chi Omega sisters, including the cover doctor!

Yes that is 1986 initiate Dr. Smitha Krishnamurthi, oncologist at University Hospitals. She wants you to know that a colonoscopy could save your life. (see her video on the local news that we shared in 2009: ) 

Also featured in the magazine is Dr. Marie Budev, a critical care physician who works with lung transplant patients at the Cleveland Clinic. 

Best Doctors 2012: 15 pieces of wisdom for a healthier lifestyle

Internal Info

Colonoscopies may not be fun, but they can be lifesaving. A recent study found that a colonoscopy can significantly reduce the risk of death from colon cancer by finding lesions on the left side of the colon. "Colon cancer is a very curable disease," says Dr. Smitha Krishnamurthi, gastrointestinal disease team leader for University Hospitals' Seidman Cancer Center. "So that is an advantage of a colonoscopy — it can visualize the polyp, and in the same procedure you can have the polyp removed."

Women's History Month International Women of Courage

Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Alpha Chi Omega alumna and fellow Browns fan (I had to throw that in there) established an award in 2007 recognizing women leaders internationally and their work in effectively dealing with women's issues. This is the only Dept of State award for women alone. That's pretty amazing.   This is the link:  

Secretary's International Women of Courage Award

To mark International Women's Day, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice established the annual International Women of Courage Award in March of 2007 to recognize women around the globe who have shown exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for women's rights and advancement.

This is the only Department of State award that pays tribute to emerging women leaders worldwide, and offers a unique opportunity to recognize those who work in the field of international women's issues.

Secretary of State Confers the First International Women of Courage Awards

"Women of courage are standing up for freedom and human dignity, and the United States stands with them. We must not forget that the advance of women's rights and the advance of human liberty go hand in hand." 

-- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, March 8, 2006

2007 Recipients:

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