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Congrats CWRU on an Impressive Relay for Life!

Event Chair Lora (center) with Undergraduate Co-Chair Sarah (left) and Alumni Co-Chair Alex (right)On April 16-17 at Relay for Life, the Case Western Reserve University community raised $65,786 for the American Cancer Society! We're really proud of the role our Alpha Chi Omega sisters played in making the event a success. Lora, Event Chair, is a Zeta Upsilon alumna, and serving on her committee were two ZU collegians, Mandy, Advocacy Co-Chair, and Rachel, Registration Chair.

Among groups fundraising, Team Alpha Chi Omega came in second place, raising $3218! Congratulations to Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine on their first place fundraising, and to the Case School of Medicine - Cancer Warriors on coming in third!

Among individuals fundraising, many Alpha Chi Omegas made the top 100 list including alumna Lora (#10) and collegians Christine (#19), Stephanie (#24), Chelsea (#26), Erika (#38), Jennifer (#43), Jessica (#47), Megan (#80), and Sarah (#85). Other sisters participating included alumna Smitha (on the Case School of Medicine - Cancer Warriors Team) and collegians Brittany, Amy, Hillary, Jaclyn, Elizabeth, Rosy, Alyssa, Jenny, Victoria, Jessica, Ellen, Jillian and Crystal (all of Team Alpha Chi Omega).

Altogether, 75 teams and 1170 individuals participated in the overnight event held at the North Residential Village Stadium. 

Did you participate in the event? We'd love to hear about it! 

Are you a part of your local Relay for Life? Tell us about it!